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Upcoming Programs | البرامج القادمة


Welcome to Direction

“Direction” is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Special Direction - Business Consultancy House.

Stemming from their belief in social responsibility and dutiful, continuous contribution towards their community and nation, Special Direction’s board of directors established "Direction" since the company’s founding, to be its CSR arm.

"Direction" designs, executes and manages supportive programs for Saudi and Arab youth, and it is the consultant of many national social and volunteering projects such as the US Saudi Arabia Grant Enterprise (SAGE) with the State Department.

"Direction" is also collaborating with the United Nations program for Sustainable Development on a volunteering chapter for the Arab region.

"Direction" is commited to implementing the best sustainable development and social responsibility practices. In addition, "Direction" empowers the youth to participate in knowledge and cultural programs, and cultivates their knowledge about the economic and innovative benefits that serve them and their societies environmentally and socially.